opal cove is because i want a space away from the other kinds of space i've taken up online, and its design is up to me.

image of a cove

i romanticize a cove, a coastal inlet, tucked away. sheltering rock, a shore, i even googled the phrase "pixel palm trees" in order to get closer to the idea i'm looking for. i love the sonic adventure games. i'm VERY inspired by the chao garden (though it could be purpler).

image of sonic standing in front of the waterfalls in chao garden with 2 chaos!!

opal is my favorite mineral. i'm visually seeking and adore colors. the iridescence is absolutely stunning to me. that i get to indulge in the joy of colors is something i cherish immensely!

image of rough opals

opal cove, to me, feels like the beautiful getaway of my dreams. and, as someone who has been online for my entire life, i can recall times a webpage felt like a comforting retreat. i still see webpages like this, and regularly, since learning about the revival of the personal web.

growing up, i edited neopets pages, myspace layouts, tumblr themes. there's something deeply enchanting about being able to craft my own space. i love seeing what other people do to make spaces their own, and i always limited myself to that much. i can also be a webmaster and make an entire space just for stuff i care about, just like the creators of the sites i've long admired-- spaces they made for themselves, and welcomed all of us into. i couldn't be more grateful.